I am a citizen of the world that was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. Though, currently I call Chicago home. I went to Missouri State University to become a Software Engineer and after graduation, developed a passion for real estate.

I have worked in the trenches as a real estate tax analyst since 2012. This experience has inspired many of my innovations that pair real estate tax with information technology.

“Necessity is the Mother of invention.”


-Photography (Link)


-Fitness & Nutrition


-Podcasting (Link)

Cool stuff I’ve built:

-Cook County Real Estate Tax Application for 2 class (Link 1 | Link 2), 3 class, & 5 class

-Cook County Tax Appeal Analytics Application (Link)

-iHeartCardio splash page (Link)

-Contiki video trailer with motion intro (Link)

-Tax Analysis & Appeals website

What I do:

I have an insatiable appetite for the improvement of operations interior to business, thus my design and development of computerized information systems is one of my ways to appease it at scale.

As a Software Engineer, I focus on resolving  inefficiencies and increasing scalability, understanding the needs of a firm and the staff within it.

I’m always open for interesting projects and pleasant clients to work with.

Every place I’ve ever worked and what I learned:

Carwash: 1995-1996

Character building

Hardee’s: 1997

Fast-Food is a logistical orchestra

Walgreens: 1998 – 2004

Transferability is key to retention

Whitmire Micro-Gen Research Laboratories, Inc.: 2005

A good corporate culture leaves a lasting impact

Hobbico: 2005-2006

Technical Writing is a science

Human Kinetics: 2006-2010

Where I first applied my SQL knowledge

U.S. Cellular: 2007-2008

Product-knowledge over everything

Express: 2008

It’s easy to work where you believe in the product

Champaign Unit-4 School District: 2008-2009

Tutored Algebra and in turn elevated my Mathematics

iProtest: 2010-2014

Cut my teeth in the Real Estate Tax world in Houston 

LOMRD: 2014-2017

Crash course on everything Chicago and Real Estate Tax

Skupien: 2017-2020

Businesses are built on relationships

SFBBG: 2020-2021

Data Silos can limit speed

RLG: 2021-2023

The study of past data can steer the results of the present

Life Experiences that I’ll never forget:

-Scraping my knee down to the white meat on a big wheel at recess in 1985

-The Indianapolis 500 in 1987

-The recitals of Easter Poems at First Baptist Church of Webster Groves in 1990

-Attendance of a week-long Boy Scout camp in 1992

-Learned that my Family Reunion Volleyball Games are played for keeps, 1992

-Competed at a high level in R/C car racing in Shiloh Illinois, 1994

-Pulling my hamstring during Baseball pre-game warmups HS Freshman year 1996

-Going to state senior year on the 4×4 team Senior Year in High School in 1999

-Crossing the burning sands of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. in Spring 2001

-Graduating from College in 2004

-Quad Cities Marathon 2006 

-Chicago Marathon 2007

-My first time abroad (Paris) in 2010

-My second time abroad (Europe Contiki & Thailand) in 2011

-My first time on a Motorcycle road trip in 2011

-The London Olympics of 2012

-Riding a bicycle across America in 2012

-Built my first software app in 2014

-Singapore 2017

-Pandemic Quarantene in 2020 

-Chicago City Living 2021