Qualifications Profile:

Highly competent and technologically advanced legal professional with over ten years of experience as a Paralegal in the area of real estate tax law. Experience includes an emphasis in relations with county representatives concerning hearings, pending settlements, evidence compilation, refunds as well as correspondence with clients, via both written and verbal means.

Skill Profile:

Legal Research, Technical Writing, Drafting of Legal Documents, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, DocuSign, Adobe Professional Suite, MySQL Database Engineering/Administration, Data Science, UI/UX, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress

Professional Experience:

Real Estate Tax Analyst: Schoenberg Finkel Beederman Bell Glazer, LLC.
– Chicago, IL:
October 2020 to July 2021
● Perform daily research in support of supervising attorney
● Craft appeal arguments for real estate property in multiple classes within multiple Illinois jurisdictions
● Craft and upkeep of electronic docket files
● Management of client database used for matter detail as well as retainer and solicitation correspondence
● Calculation of client invoicing based contingently on real estate tax reductions

Paralegal: The Law Office of Stanislaw J. Skupien, P.C.
– Chicago, IL:
September 2017 to October 2020
● Frequently monitored Recorder of Deeds, County/Township Assessor, Department of Revenue and Open Data websites to obtain the most current data to facilitate the arguments necessary for successful appeals
● Utilized data extraction tools to aggregate real-time property assessment values and tax rates into a MySQL database
● Facilitated the creation of appeal packages in support of filed tax appeals for the administrative levels of the Assessor, Board of Review and Property Tax Appeal Board, appeal arguments include but aren’t limited to, valuation analyses, lack of uniformity analyses, and market analyses
● Compiled assessment records and assessment histories to identify historical trends for implementation in marketing collateral
● Tracked assessment notices and maintained a real estate tax appeal calendar to ensure the timely filing of tax appeals
● Examined competing law firm evidence packages used for winning appeals via Freedom of Information Act requests

Paralegal: The Law Offices of Michael R. Davies, Ltd.
– Chicago, IL:
October 2014 to August 2017
● Drafted property tax analyses to initiate the courtship of Condominium, Homeowner, and Townhome Association clients
● Analyzed real estate property portfolios to determine whether a clients’ proposed assessments were in excess
● Developed and maintained an Access/MySQL database designed for data storage, management and communication with other software applications within the framework of the practice
● Prepared the paperwork for appeals including but not exclusive to; complaint forms, memorandum briefs, property comparable grids, property record cards, PTAX-203’s, HUD-1 settlement statements, deeds, and etc.
● Created a departmental billing system to utilize assessment reduction values to create bulk client invoices via mail-merge
● Drafted client correspondence to summarize appeal results and recommendations, to request and follow-up for appropriate data, and to field questions and concerns regarding pending appeals, new properties and other various matters

Real Estate Tax Analyst: iProtest
– Houston, TX:
June 2010 to July 2014
● Composed white-paper e-books on real estate tax related topics to support content marketing strategy
● Lead internet marketing campaigns to drive prospects from position of awareness to value capture opportunity
● Developed custom WordPress plugin to dispatch automated text message sequence to prospective clients
● Directed real estate property tax technology presentations to area Realtor Associations

Software Tester: Human Kinetics
– Champaign, IL:
August 2006 to May 2010
● Cleansed databases via custom SQL procedures for clients between software update patches
● Continuously assessed and revised company websites for improved UI/UX
● Provided written and verbal support for all proprietary software
● Beta tested new/updated software products

Product Support Technician: Hobbico
– Champaign, IL:
August 2005 to July 2006
● Answered email and phone inquiries from retailers and end-consumers concerning proprietary merchandise
● Evaluated merchandise defects communicated via technically written reports
● Served as corporate brand ambassador at industry expositions
● Composed product description detail for e-commerce website