I’m a real estate tax aficionado and tech innovator.

I’m a Chicago transplant and Saint Louis native, who began his real estate tax journey in Houston. From Property Tax Consultancies to Law Firms, I’ve worked in multiple capacities within the cottage industry of Real Estate Tax Appeal.

  • 10 years of experience in Real Estate Tax.
  • 20 years of experience in Tech.

Along the way, I’ve leveraged my skillset as a Software Developer to produce custom software applications that facilitate the assessment and market data analyses reporting necessary to win Real Estate Tax Appeals.

Here are the ways you can work with me:

  1. Real Estate Tax Appeal Software Subscription
    • For Cook County property classes 2-xx, 3-xx, and 5-xx (Link 1 | Link 2)
    • For Assessor, Board of Review, and Property Tax Appeal Board levels
    • Multi-PIN Compatibility
    • Multi-PIN Lookup Tool
    • Analyze Sales Comparables
    • Analyze Uniformity Comparables
    • Percentile Rank Tool (Link 1 | Link 2)
    • Implements real-time Cook County Assessor data along with MLS, FOIA, IL Dept of Rev, Etc.
  2. Real Estate Tax Appeal Client Evidence Package
    • Tax Appeal Evidence for Cook County Real Estate
    • Sales Comparables Report (Link)
    • Uniformity Comparables Report (Link)
    • Supplemental Memorandum Brief (Link)
    • Proximity Map of Comparables to Subject Property (Link)
    • Comparable Property Grid (Link)
    • Complaint Form
  3. Real Estate Tax Business Consulting
    • Marketing/Advertising Campaigns
    • Client User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Development
    • Business Process Efficiency Evaluation
    • Custom Client Relationship Management (CRM) Development
    • Custom Web Application Development
    • Custom Appraisal Management Tool
    • Custom Invoicing Application
    • Custom Client Engagement Funnel with E-Signature
    • Direct-Mail Marketing Collateral Development
  4. Real Estate Market Tax Analytics
    • Real Estate Tax Appeal Practitioner Competitor Analytics
    • Real Estate Tax Appeal Performance Reporting (Link)
    • Direct-Mail Lists of Analyzed Overassessed Data Sets (Link)
    • Assessor, Board of Review, and Property Tax Appeal Board Behavior Analytics

Let’s talk, if you’d like to learn more.